Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MAC's Creme d'Nude Lipstick

MAC's Creme d'Nude is another one of my all-time-favorite can't-leave-the-house-without nude lipsticks<33333 Creme d'Nude. Isn't that such a pretty thing to say? The name says it all- It's CREAMY and it's NUDE :] The two biggest requirements I have for a lipstick!!! It's so lovely to have this stuff on the lips- you can't go wrong with a super-creamy pink-toned light beige peachy nude. It gives you that gorgeous Brigitte Bardot/Audrey Hepburn look in just a few swipes. Being a Cremesheen, it feels like a like a rich lip-balm but still has pretty nice pigmentation. And one thing that I can never get enough of is the SMELL of MAC's lipsticks. It's a subtle vanilla scent- I've had people in the past that my lips smelled like ice cream hahahahaha... Creme d'Nude's close family members include Myth, Fleshpot, Hue, and other light nudes. But of course, Creme d'Nude's the prettiest, and in my case, very wearable. It doesn't give me the whole chalk-lip/zombie look in the way Myth does. I like mixing it with darker colors sometimes, like Hug Me and Freckletone. Then again, you can mix it with any colors you want, I'd stick to pinks, peaches, and nudes though. I'm forever rockin a dramatic smokey eye, so nude lips are naturally my favorite lip-look :] So now's the time I ask you- what are your thoughts and opinions on MAC's Creme d'Nude? Is it one of your staple nude lipsticks? Or do you find that it's too pale for your skin-tone and washes you out? We all have different skin-tones and different lip-colors, different preferences and different aesthetics, so let me know how Creme d'Nude works on you!! :] If you don't already own this beautiful shade, you can check it out at your local MAC stores and MAC counters, or you can pick it up from MAC's website :]

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