Thursday, March 3, 2011

MAC's 109- An Amazing Multi-Tasking Brush

MAC's 109 is one of those brushes that's able to do lots of different things... It's small and dense and rounded with short bristles so it's perfect for applying color to small places- It's my go-to contouring brush!! Another task I love to use my 109 for is FOUNDATION APPLICATION :] Because it's so dense, it really buffs my liquid foundation in effortlessly... It doesn't leave streaks like some of the synthetic paddle-shaped brushes, and it's a lot denser than stippling brushes so blends everything in better. Also, it's soft and small enough to even apply blush and highlighting products :] MAC's 109 is VERY versatile, and I totally recommend it to ANYONE that wears face makeup!! Lol<3333 So, do you love this awesome brush? What do YOU use it for? :] 

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