Friday, March 4, 2011

Chance by Chanel

Chanel by Chanel has been one of my off again on again favorite perfumes for years- I'm surprised at how long this stuff has been around!!! Lol time flies when you're smellin good :] Okay seriously, I love how sophisticated and refined this fragrance is. A lot of people called it feminine and flirty... I guess it is, but I just love how this stuff makes you feel when you're wearing it. It's such a rich and refreshing perfume, but it's not in any way overwhelming. It's a fruity floral- It's notes are white musk, hyacinth and citron, pink pepper, jasmine, fresh vetiver, orris absolute and amber patchouli. Chance is very elegant, and you're guaranteed to get lots of complements when you wear it :] Does anyone else love Chance?? <333

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