Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MAC's Electric Eel Eyeshadow: A Vibrant Turquoise

Electric Eel is one of MAC's brighter, much more unique colors. I remember when I first bought this shadow a long time ago... I walked up to the MAC counter at my Nordstrom and this stuff was literally SCREAMING out me from the eyeshadow display. It's a gorgeous turquoise, it's supposed to be a Satin but I think it's a lot more of a Matte. It looks super bright and almost neon in the pan, but once you get it onto your eyelid, it's more of a basic jewel blue tone. It shows up darker once you put it on with your base and blend it out. I admit, Electric Eel is kind of chalky and hard to work with, but the color is just so vibrant and gorgeous that I still love it :] I used to wear this with other bright colors like Chrome Yellow and Bitter when I was into the whole bright crazy neon look. If you like this color but aren't into extreme looks, I think it'd be nice to have a neutral brown/bronze eye and just put a little bit of Electric Eel onto the bottom lashline for a nice pop of color. Bronze and Turquoise are SOOOO gorgeous together!!! I also like to wear this stuff with Contrast or Carbon in the crease for a nice blue smokey eye. It's not really a color for those who love neutral subdued looks, but it's really nice to have just for fun :] This is probably not a very "wearable" color by the standards of most makeup wearers, but there are lots of us who like these really bright unique colors<33333

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