Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MAC's Blacktied Eyeshadow

Blacktied is another gorgeous dark color from MAC's permanent collection. It also happens to be another one of my favorite colors, because it looks absolutely AMAZING in a smokey eye<3333 It's a dark charcoal loaded with fine silver glitter. It has awesome pigmentation and blends out pretty nicely for me. I usually wear Blacktied all over the lid, from the lashlines to the crease, with a gorgeous silver color like Silver Ring or Idol Eyes on the inner corners. I tend to get a lot of fallout with Blacktied but I'm able to avoid making a big mess by using a sticky black base and tapping my brush off before applying it to my eyelids. Sometimes I use it just in the crease, and I especially love setting my eyeliner with it because it gives just the prettiest sparkle to my lashlines<333 Blacktied is an awesome eyeshadow to have in your collection, especially if you're a big fan of the smokey eye look like I am. And it's just so pretty with all that silver glitter in it :] Anyone else love Blacktied? Let me know how you wear this eyeshadow...

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