Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LaToya Jackson: Then and Now

I was watching tv today and I saw LaToya Jackson make like a 10 second appearance... I think she was arguing with someone or something... She was on some show... It might've been Celebrity Apprentice or something... I can't believe how... unnatural she looked. Yeah I know, lots of celebrities get plastic surgery to change their appearances just a bit,and of course the Jackson family has been known to have had it's share of it, but she looked as though she'd had a LOTTTTTTT of work done. I found old pictures of her, and I think she was super pretty. I wonder why she decided to have all of those surgeries done... I'm by no means against plastic surgery- if you have the money and the guts to go under the knife, by all means do it. But of course, the results should be natural, and at the very least, flattering. I could see maybe one or two things, but she looks like a whole new person. She's still really pretty, in my opinion, except for that super pointy nose lol... So, take a look at the before and after pictures and tell me what you think about LaToya Jackson's gradual transformation :]

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