Friday, March 4, 2011

Betsey Johnson Perfume

I remember when I bought Betsey Johnson's premiere fragrance- I was at the Loehmann's not too far from my house, and I just saw the bright and eye-catching box sitting on a table amongst a bunch of other fragrances. I'd seen it before at Nordstrom, but I never paid it very much attention. I loved the bottle, it was so cute- kind of a neo-art-deco perfume flacon with a large hot pink peacockish type of top. Not knowing how it smelled, I bought it. I just knew it would smell absolutely amazing though, because I love anything Betsey comes up with :] I sprayed it right after I bought it and instantly fell in love!! It's a juicy floriental fragrance with notes of  pear, tangerine, grapefruit and blackcurrant and feminine notes like vanilla, amber and musk. Whenever I wear it, people ask me what it is. Whenever friends see it sitting in my perfume collection, they immediately grab for it because the bottle is so amazing. I'm so glad I blindly purchased this perfume<33333 I DEFINITELY need to buy another bottle of it :] Don't you just LOVE Betsey Johnson's perfume? Tell me about it!!

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