Thursday, March 31, 2011

DSquared's "Nappa" Spine-Heeled Ankle Boots

I first saw these ankle boots when one of my favorite fashion bloggers "Bryanboy" posted a picture on them on Twitter last year... I really like them. They're obviously not practical for everyday wear, because they're quite pricey and I'm sure they wouldn't be the most comfortable shoes to walk in. I love them, though, because they're so unique and you can tell that the twins were very inspired when they created these outrageous heels. The heels on these babies are 6.5 inches, but there's actually a 2.5 inch hidden platform in them, so it'd be like wearing a pair of 4 inch heels, which isn't completely unbearable. I love how they're just a little macabre, yet they're still pretty and super-glam. And there's nothing else out there like them. What do you think about them??? :]

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