Monday, September 12, 2011

Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed Corail

This blush is divinely gorgeous<3333 It's a beautiful rosey peach blush with a silky smooth texture. It has a gorgeous glow to it- it's not frosty or glittery and really has no visible shimmer in it. When you first use it, there's the tiniest amount of golden over-spray but that goes away literally after the first use. The Chanel "Les Tissages" blushes are stamped into a design which is supposed to resemble the texture of Chanel's classic tweed suits. This color is perfect for those that like subtle colors- it's called a coral, but to me it's a peach. I really like it. It's something I would wear year round, but I know a lot of Chanel fans would probably tend to wear this mostly during Spring. I just like the fact that it's not so deep and overly pigmented like so many other blushes I own. Like Coco always said- makeup should be used to enhance, not adorn :] I'm sure there are many other peach blushes out there for much less than $50, but this blush is just so pretty and versatile and although quite delicate, I feel as though "Tweed Corail" has a lot to say.
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Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Black Star

I have a major obsession with black eyeshadows, especially black eyeshadows with glitter in them. I also have an obsession with anything Chanel. When I saw Chanel's Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Black Star sitting on display at the Chanel counter, I added it to my purchases that day without a second thought. It's a beautiful charcoal black eyeshadow with silver glitter and finer multi-colored reflects floating throughout it. It's a mature, more refined/sophisticated version of MAC's Blacktied eyeshadow. It has beautiful pigmentation- it's easy to pack this stuff on, and it sparkles beautifully. It's really pretty when you wear it all over the lid, then blended at the crease, but sometimes when I want a subtle/more sophisticated look. I'll wear Black Star as a liner with a pretty peach-toned nude eyeshadow, like Night Star by NARS. Black Star is gorgeous when worn in the crease too. It blends perfectly without losing intensity (when you use the right base and brush), and I find that it has amazing staying power- it lasts longer than Blacktied, in my opinion. Something unique about it too, is that it tends to have less fallout than other eyeshadows similar to it. Perhaps it's packed and pressed better? Either way I love it, and it's the perfect eyeshadow to wear out at night :] If you want a cheaper alternative, I suggest Night Breed by NARS and Blacktied by MAC. These shadows are all pretty similar but different enough in texture to make me puchase them all. Maybe later on I'll do a compare/contrast post on them. If you'd like an even cheaper alternative, I've bought shadows from Sonia Kashuk, Flirt, and WetNWild that were all excellent dupes :] I did my best to photgraph Black Star's beauty, but I definitely recommend checking it out at the Chanel counter- swatch it and prepare to fall in love<33333
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Chanel Glossimer in Constellation

I was at the Chanel counter at the Macy's in Beverly Center looking at makeup when I just decided to splurge on some things. I love impulse buying<33333 One of the things I picked up that day was this GORGEOUS lip gloss. Constellation to me is a very sheer peachy pink gloss with lots of fine glitter running through it. The glitter is mostly gold, but there are lots of other colors floating through it, making it look like a "constellation." In the sunlight, I can see lots of blue, pink, green, and violet colored glitter floating in it too. It reminds me of a much prettier, much more sophisticated MAC Dazzleglass. But alas, it's Chanel, so it's much more lux :] I feel as though Chanel Glossimers have a plumping property to them. Not in a painful burning way, but in a way that just makes your lips look and feel bigger and more lush and so much smoother. It's hard to explain, you'd just have to try one on and sit there for a few minutes. Uggghhhhh glossimers are just so eye-catching and truly beautiful, especially in the right lighting<3333 As obsessed with lipstick as I am, I surprisingly just like to wear Glossimers on their own :] I feel like the glitter/shimmer can be seen so much better and it's just such a fresh flattering look. Of course, they do look amazing over lipstick as well though. I like to dab them on top rather than brush the product in, to avoid dulling the glittering properties of the gloss. Look closely at the picture above- I tried my best to capture Constellation's beauty with a digital camera and indoor lighting lol... Tell me what you think<3333333

A Few Of My Favorite Cosmetics Purchases From The Past Month Or Two...

Yes, I've been doing quite a bit of shopping over the past month or so, and YES, most of it has been for makeup :] I love it all... I don't know why I'm so obsessed with it, but I am. I love compacts and tubes and jars and palettes, and I especially love NARS, Chanel, YSL, MAC and Dior :] I'm going to be reviewing most of the "fun" things I've picked up lately. I've really gotten back into Chanel lately, and I've been buying fragrances a little more often too. I will forever love my black eyeshadows and my nude lipsticks<3333 A lot of these products have probably already been talked about by like everyone and their mom. Some of them I may have already reviewed in the past, but sometimes when I re-purchase an item and try it out all over again, I tend to have a different experience with it. But I really don't care hahahahaha I love to put my two cents out there :] I've photographed each item individually for each review- I'm SO not good at taking pictures of things. I'm only ever awake at night, and of course it's hard to take good quality pictures of things in indoor lighting- but hopefully the pictures will be clear enough to be helpful, hahahaha... I'm still getting used to this stuff. Tell me about some products you've picked up lately that you're really excited about!!!!

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