Monday, September 12, 2011

Chanel Glossimer in Constellation

I was at the Chanel counter at the Macy's in Beverly Center looking at makeup when I just decided to splurge on some things. I love impulse buying<33333 One of the things I picked up that day was this GORGEOUS lip gloss. Constellation to me is a very sheer peachy pink gloss with lots of fine glitter running through it. The glitter is mostly gold, but there are lots of other colors floating through it, making it look like a "constellation." In the sunlight, I can see lots of blue, pink, green, and violet colored glitter floating in it too. It reminds me of a much prettier, much more sophisticated MAC Dazzleglass. But alas, it's Chanel, so it's much more lux :] I feel as though Chanel Glossimers have a plumping property to them. Not in a painful burning way, but in a way that just makes your lips look and feel bigger and more lush and so much smoother. It's hard to explain, you'd just have to try one on and sit there for a few minutes. Uggghhhhh glossimers are just so eye-catching and truly beautiful, especially in the right lighting<3333 As obsessed with lipstick as I am, I surprisingly just like to wear Glossimers on their own :] I feel like the glitter/shimmer can be seen so much better and it's just such a fresh flattering look. Of course, they do look amazing over lipstick as well though. I like to dab them on top rather than brush the product in, to avoid dulling the glittering properties of the gloss. Look closely at the picture above- I tried my best to capture Constellation's beauty with a digital camera and indoor lighting lol... Tell me what you think<3333333

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