Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MAC Viva Glam Gaga II Lip Glass

I went to the mall today and I picked up some new makeup... One of the items being the new Viva Glam Gaga II Lip Glass :] I bought the lipstick a few days ago and I'm totally in love with it, so of course I needed the lipglass to wear over it :] The lipglass is also a gorgeous light to medium nude... very neutral... and like most MAC lipglasses, has a very small amount of micro-shimmer running through it, which is unnoticeable when on the lips. What I love most about this particular lipglass is it's PIGMENTATION!!!! Finally a lipglass that can stand on it's own :] In the past I've been kinda disappointed by so many lipglasses that look so gorgeous on the tube but show up as a clear gloss on the lips!!! VVG2LG is a really pretty creamy kind of nude that adds dimension to the lips... I've been trying to stay away from the washed out/zombie lip look lately, and this stuff helps mute the lips a bit and adds a gorgeous sheen to the lips... And OF COURSE it looks great with a smokey eye :] Okay I've babbled on long enough about this stuff. Let me know what YOU think of it :] Is it JUST another nude? Is it too dark or too light for your skin-tone? Do you feel like this stuff washes you out?

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