Monday, February 7, 2011

Chanel Glossimer in Sunset Gold

I was at the Chanel counter checking out their latest collection and swatching lipglosses when I came across this beautiful Glossimer. Sunset Gold appears to be a gorgeous glittery golden light-bronzey apricot color. I swatched it, and thought it was gorgeous. I'm not one for bronze on the lips, but this wasn't dark and muddy at all and I thought it would add the perfect color/dimension to deepen/warm up some of my favorite pale nude lipsticks like MAC's Myth and Creme d'Nude. It was very pricey at $30 but I don't mind paying that much for a high end gloss if the color is gorgeous and the formula is silky and not sticky. For some reason makeup always looks better in the store than it does once you take it out into the real world hahahaha...  and Chanel's packaging is soooooo pretty that I sometimes can't say no to certain items, lol...

Although I was initially impressed with this color, it shows up clear on my super-pigmented lips. It just gave a little bit of shine and not even all that much shimmer or glitter. It didn't do much over lipsticks either. So this color is not really one of my favorites right now. I was hoping for more than Sunset Gold was will to offer. Chanel Glossimers seem to be pretty hit or miss for me. I tend to find more of them that I love that dislike though. I guess I'll just use this stuff on top of a medium nude lipstick in the place of a clear gloss. I like that it's not sticky but I was really hoping for more pigmentation and a prettier effect. I have more than enough clear/sheer glosses. But, the packaging is super luxe, and you can never have too many lipglosses, sheer or not, so I'll keep Sunset Gold around just because it's pretty and looks good with all the rest of my Glossimers :] Anyone else have Sunset Gold or a similar color? What's your favorite Chanel Glossimer?

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