Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coco Rico: Natural Coconut Soda

I'm always talking about my favorite makeup, but I thought for once I'd talk about a drink I'm currently liking a lot. Coco Rico is a delicious natural coconut flavored soda from Puerto Rico. I buy this stuff whenever I see it cuz it's soooooo good... They sell it at lots of international grocery stores... including Asian supermarkets that I frequently shop at... I've always loved fresh coconut water... There's something so refreshing about it... Coco Rico tastes very similar to natural coconut water but it's carbonated and a lot sweeter. Apparently Coco Rico has been around since 1935. There are 40g of sugar in a 12oz can... Which is about average for any soda... but I like that this stuff is actually made with really cane sugar and not high fructose corn syrup. I think you'd like this stuff if you like anything coconut flavored or if you're into unique sodas... Soooo.... has anyone else tried this? What do you think about Coco Rico?? Lemme know :]


  1. I'm drinking it right now for the first time and I think it's really bad. I admit it's been a while sinds I've eaten a coconut but I know what coconut taste like and I don't tast it at all in the coco rico drink that's to bad because I had high expectations of it.

  2. Please Guys,

    i live in Belgium and I can cross the Dutch border easily.

    Do you know where i can buy this???

    Thank you for your help.