Thursday, February 10, 2011

NARS Exhibit A Blush

NARS Exhibit A blush is extremely bright primary red, with no glitter or shimmer. It's extremely pigmented so I recommend applying this stuff with a stippling brush using a very light hand. If you apply it light enough, it can look very natural, but of course you can build up the intensity with this stuff if you want your cheeks to be a little brighter/more dramatic. I don't reach for this stuff very often but I like having it around though just because it looks good on lots of different skin-tones and I like that Exhibit A can be a multi-use product. I sometimes use it as a bright red eyeshadow, and you can even dab some on top of glossed lips to give them a nice fiery red color. I like wearing lots of highlight with this blush to give the face more dimension when wearing it... If you have flat red on your cheeks it can almost look kind of Raggedy Ann/sunburn-ish/clown-ish... But yeah I think Exhibit A is a great NARS blush to own if you're someone that loves bright colors and really likes to experiment with makeup. Let me know if you use this blush... or what you think of it :]

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