Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bella Bamba Blush by Benefit

Bella Bamba is Benefit's latest boxed blush... and the packaging finally comes with a mirror in it!!! It's described as a watermelon pink with gold micro-shimmer. Bella Bamba is a gorgeous Spring/Summer color and I can imagine it being cery flattering on all different skin-tones... I love how this stuff will instantly brighten your face up, and it really helps define your cheeks a bit. The gold shimmer in it is gorgeous and not too overwhelming. I think Bella Bamba is sorta similar to Orgasm by NARS, but Orgasm has a little more peach in it. I don't like the box packaging that Benefit puts their blushes and bronzers in... the cardboard feels cheap and the shape/size of these things is big and bulky... I prefer a sleek black mirrored compact... But to each their own. Bella Bamba is a really fun bright pink but there are already so many other bright pinks out there that I don't find myself using it that often.... It's not really very unique. Let me know if you like Bella Bamba... Is something I should be paying more attention to? Or is it just another pretty pink? If YOU happen to like it, you can check it out at Sephora!!

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