Monday, February 28, 2011

MAC 190- The Perfect Foundation Brush?

The 190 is MAC's basic paddle-shaped foundation brush with synthetic fibers. It's nothing amazing- I just use it for initial application of my liquid and cream foundations... It does exactly what it's supposed to do- apply and distribute the product. But then if I want very even coverage and a flawless finish, I'll buff it out with either the 109 or the 187. The 190's size is perfect- It's big enough to get all over your face pretty quickly but it's small enough for detail work... Sometimes I'll use it to apply cream products like moisturizer, primer, cream blush or cream contour and highlight products... It's a good brush to have if you just need something to put your foundation on, but it's not completely necessary... And there are better brushes out there for foundation application. I just bought it to use with my MAC liquid foundations... And of course, we all know MAC brushes last a long time because they're very well-made, even though you can probably find something out there that'll do the same thing for much less... Let me know what you think about MAC's 190 :]

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