Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MASCARA: Drug Store or High End!??!?!?

I've been buying a lot of different types of mascaras lately trying to figure out which particular one works best for me. Of course I want my lashes to be longer and thicker and darker and I want them to curl and I don't want my mascara to smudge or run or transfer at all. I also want my mascara to stay on all day and night until I take it off before I go to bed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I really wish all mascaras would do exactly what I wanted them to... But only in an ideal world.... My two current favorites/most used are Maybelline's The Falsies and Dior's original Diorshow Mascara. I love them both... I really don't notice too much of a difference... then again I can't really tell the difference between a lot of mascaras... So I'm thinking... Is there really that much of a difference!?!? Did I pay an extra $20 for one because the tube is covered in D's? What do YOU ALL think? Are most mascaras just about the same!? Or are they all very different from each other? Can YOU tell whether I'm wearing a $6 mascara or a $36 dollar one? I know the brushes are different most of the time, but the formulas seem to be pretty similar to me. Let me know what YOU think. And let me know what your favorite mascara is, whether it's drug-store or high-end :]

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