Saturday, June 18, 2011

YSL's Matte and Radiant Pressed Powder

YSL's Matte and Radiant Pressed Powder is pretty amazing. I bought it a whiiiiiiile ago, maybe a year or two back. I haven't really used this stuff very much, so I just recently found it in the back of one of my makeup drawers the other day. I don't know what I haven't used it more often!!! This powder feels SOOOOO soft and smooth and velvety on the skin. It actually feels kind of moisturizing, if you can believe that- so I'm pretty sure that it'd even work for dry skin. When I use it, it cuts shine but it doesn't have me looking awkardly/overly matte, which I like. And the packaging is super cute too- it's a golden square-shaped compact with "YSL" on the front of it, and when you open it up, the powder itself is stamped with a heart with "Yves Saint Laurent" embossed on it. Tres chic<333333

(I used a picture from Google Images)

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