Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MAKEUP FOREVER's Rouge Artist Intense #22

MAKEUP FOREVER launched their Rouge Artist Intense line last year... I think it's an AMAZING line- the lipsticks are SO pigmented, and there are SOOOOOO many colors to choose from. And I love the textures- they have matte, satin, and pearl, so there's literally a lipstick for everyone in this line :] OF COURSE I go straight for the nudes (I only wear nudes). #22 is THE PRETTIEST nude lipstick I've seen in a LONG time, and it's currently my absolute FAVORITE!!!! It's a satin flesh-toned nude. It's got some warm peachy undertones but warm and cool-toned people can wear this color easily. #22 is a satin, and LET ME TELL YOU- MUFE's satins are soooooo much better than MAC's satin's. This stuff is smooth but not slippery, and it's super-pigmented without being drying or chalky. It's so moisturizing that it feels like lip balm :] I feel like if Brigitte Bardot had to pick a lipstick from this line, she'd pick #22 :] If you want a cheaper dupe, I'd recommend MAC's Creme d'Nude or Revlon's Soft Nude. Seriously though, next time you're in Sephora, check these babies out and give em a swatch or two. You'll probably love them!!! I'm definitely going back for more, whether I need them or not :]

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