Saturday, June 18, 2011

NARS Pressed Powder in Beach

NARS' Pressed Powder is not a very good value for the price. I only bought it because, stupidly, I'm just obsessed with anything that says NARS. I liked the compact because it's big and has a nice sized mirror, but is still thin and sleek enough to fit into a pocket or clutch easily. The powder inside is okay- it's like any other powder in that it sets your foundation nicely and keeps you from getting shiny too fast. I prefer NARS' powder foundation for setting my liquid foundation though, because it's so light and non-cakey and gives more coverage. This pressed powder is just better for touch-ups when you're out and you get shiny. It's has a nice finely-milled texture, but then again, what doesn't these days? Lol... The compact only contains 8 grams but was about $35. Another thing that SUCKS about this product is that it only comes in like 4 shades. I understand these shades are supposed to be universal and whatnot, but only 4!?!? I'm just glad I had a match lol... In their foundations, I'm Barcelona, so I'm Beach in this powder. Yeah, this stuff's not the best when it comes to "bang-for-your-buck," but what can you do... I guess this stuff is just for the NARS-obsessed or for someone who really likes sleek packaging. But if you're looking for an exceptional product, this is not one. Lol. I know this review or whatever wasn't particularly positive, but I'm just saying what I think about the product :] I love NARS makeup, but this definitely isn't one of their best products, at all.
(I hate trying to get pictures just right when I photograph the items, so I just use pictures I've found from Google Images, which I've sourced below!!!!!)

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