Thursday, September 16, 2010


Beautymarked is one of my favorite eyeshadows from MAC's permanent collection, if not my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. It's a gorgeous velvety black eyeshadow with LOTS of reddish burgundy glitter. I remember first buying it many years ago because I saw it sitting on the eyeshadow display at the MAC counter and thought to myself that I'd never really seen anything like that at all. Since then, Over the years, I have used copious amounts of this smoldering color. To this day, I have not found a similar eyeshadow that's as intensely pigmented, rich, gorgeous and glittery as this beautiful color. I've seen lots of eyeshadows slightly similar, but no other company has really been able to duplicate it. I've always been drawn to dark colors. The darker, the better. I'm terribly addicted to black eyeshadows, and I just cannot resist a black eyeshadow that contains shimmer or reflects. I love richly pigmented vampy shades that look amazing when used to create a smokey eye. Beautymarked is extremely pigmented. It is easily grabbed by eyeshadow brushes, and yes, it shows up exactly on the eye as it does in the pan. I've found, however, that if you want all of the red reflects to show up on your eyes, you have to use a sticky eyeshadow base or else the glitter will get eaten by your brush instead of adhering to your eyelid. In the past, I've had some trouble with fallout from Beautymarked, but after a while of using this color, you'll learn how to apply it in a way that avoids creating fallout. I've seen that a lot of people will use this color to line their eyes, or they'll wear it in the crease or to smoke out their outer V. Personally, my favorite way to wear it is all over my lid, from lashline to crease, then blended out very well. It looks good with just a little big of a shimmery silver or white color on the inner corner, and I usually don't care to wear a highlight color on my brow-bone. Sometimes too much highlight can take away from the effect of a dramatic smokey eye. Is anyone else completely obsessed with this color? Anyone have it but not use it very often? Tell me about your experience with Beautymarked... How do you like to wear it?

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