Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Watching the VMA's the other night, I was bored by pretty much everyone, with the exception of Mother Monster, Lady Gaga. Of course we didn't expect her to wear a simple Little Black Dress like everyone else. We saw her wearing some pretty gorgeous couture pieces, most of which must have taken hundreds of yards of material and thousands of hours of hand-sewing. They were all amazing, dream-like pieces, and actually very elegant and sophisticated, including giant, voluminous skirts with perfectly constructed bodices. Though they were all beautiful, the one look that REALLY stood out to me was her meat dress made by Franc Fernandez. The dress was very carefully draped onto her body and sewn together, and she also wore a pair of wedge booties covered in meat. She had a 40's style headpiece as well, and a bejeweled meat clutch that she asked Cher to hold when she accepted her award. Of course, this is Lady Gaga. She is known for always wearing the most outrageous, perfectly draped, voluminous, gravity-defying wearable works-of-arts ever. Personally, I can't really tell if I like it, or if I find it to be completely repulsive. I love the fact that she expresses herself so well through what she wears, and is never really bored to look at. She takes chances, she'll wear something she likes whether other people like it or not. But has she possibly crossed into the territory where she is just doing it for the shock factor? Did she wear this dress because she thought it was a gorgeous piece and really wanted to make a statement? Or did she just want people to stare in amazement and be disgusted that she was wearing a dead cow? I love the fact that she will never bore us. She's grabbed our attention for years now. She's inspired millions of her "little monsters" to take their own fashion risks and be comfortable in anything they wear. But do you think it was just vile of her to wear raw meat as a dress? Think about it. It's the flesh of a dead animal. That's pretty unsanitary. No one else has ever done it. I doubt anyone else ever would. What do you think of Gaga's dress? Would you tell her to wear that steak-dress with pride? Or to put it in the fridge and save it for a BBQ?

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