Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Favorite Luxury Brand Cosmetics. Quality or a Gimmick? Tell Me Your Thoughts/I Want Your Opinions!!!!

Okay. How many of you will agree with me that all luxury makeup products are completely over-priced? I can't help but buy as many of these little black compacts as I can. Expensive makeup makes me really happy and I just love the experience of walking into my favorite department store and swatching things and talking to Sales Associates about products. Realistically, however, I know that production costs of my favorite makeup is nowhere near its retail price at all. It's something we're all well aware of but we keep it in the back of our heads. We know we have pay the big bucks for the things we love the most. I guess. Some mineral powder, pigments, glitter and preservatives pressed together in a little black compact. Seems like nothing, right? However, when shopping a brand such as......... NARS, I seem to have no problem spending $25 on a single eyeshadow, or about $30 on a single blush. My favorite NARS powder foundation was about $50. Just yesterday I bought more Chanel makeup, and a simple lip gloss was over $30. It's not all that amazing either. I honestly could've bought one at Wal-Mart for like 5 bucks and gotten the same results. I just really like Chanel's packaging. I want to know what you all think? Are these cosmetics really worth the amount that we pay for them? I'm the first one to throw my money at the lady behind the makeup counter, but I have just recently started thinking... "Are they really worth that much?" I feel like such a sucker sometimes. Another thing that's been annoying me lately is the term "Limited Edition." A lot of us have become panic shoppers because of those two nasty words. I have found myself buying something simply because not many of that product will be made. I read about an amazing item in a new collection coming out and I hear YouTube beauty people rave about it endlessly, so of course I purchase it without even swatching it hahahaha... I also tend to buy multiples/backups of things just in case I really like them and need more after I run out. However, I don't think I've ever really used a cosmetic item in it's entirety in the whole amount of time I've been wearing cosmetics. I also tend to buy lots and lots of products that look exactly the same, but that's a WHOLE other story hahahaha... I've come to the conclusion that cosmetic companies will continue to charge as much as people will pay. So if you want something nice, expect to pay a lot for it. Let me know how you feel about this situation. Are you in the same position as me? Do you find yourself blinded by the glare bouncing off the YSL compact? Or are you a practical shopper that only buys exactly what you need? And lastly, what percentage do you think our favorite makeup products are marked up?

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