Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blending Your Eyeshadow With MAC's 217 Brush

One thing I cannot stand is un-blended eye makeup. You can't have a sultry, sophisticated smokey eye if there are harsh eyeshadow lines on your eyes. Blending your eye makeup really helps finish your look by smoothing everything out and helping fade the eyeshadow into your face. It also makes your look a lot more natural and just more aesthetically pleasing. I love it when an eye look starts off very dark on the lid then seamlessly fades out in a gradient effect while following the natural contours of your eyes. To do that, I like to use MAC's 217 brush. It's a soft yet firm oval-shaped goat-hair brush that blends shadows effortlessly without completely removing intensity from the look. I also like using the 217 to apply a sheer wash of color over the lid or to sheerly sweep some color over the crease. It's an amazing brush and I use it everytime I apply eye makeup :] Anyone else in love with this brush? What do you think about MAC's 217??

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