Friday, January 14, 2011

MAC Plushglass in Wildy Lush

MAC's Wildly Lush Plushglass is TOTALLY my favorite nude lip gloss for now<333333 This stuff is gorgeoussss... It's a warm light beige nude lipgloss without any shimmer or glitter. It has a very smooth, creamy texture and glosses the lips perfectly, almost giving them a vinyl-like appearance. The texture of this stuff is pretty amazing, it's not as sticky as a regular MAC lipglass and it doesn't make your lips look dry or chapped like some glosses can. MAC's Plushglasses are actually lip plumpers/volumizers because they contain natural plant extracts that help plump up the lips just a bit. I notice my lips do appear to be just a little bit fuller when wearing this stuff :] Wildly Lush is actually a semi-opaque gloss, so I can wear this stuff by itself if I wanted to. It helps nude the lips without giving you the washed-out or corpse look. I wear this stuff on top of my fave nude lipsticks and I find that it helps elongate weartime as well. Anyone else love MAC's Wildly Lush? Is it your HG nude lipgloss? What other Plushglasses do you like? :]

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